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“Dedicated to aggressively defending people arrested for drunk driving and DUI related offenses”

At the Law Offices of Miguel Duarte Legal Group, our experienced team of DUI alcohol and DUID drugs defense lawyers know how to forcefully defend you when facing charges that could put you at risk of jail time and or losing your driving privileges. Our primary goal is to make sure our clients avoid a DUI or DUID conviction and DMV license suspension.

We serve clients throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and other Southern California communities. Miguel Duarte has earned a reputation for successfully representing DUI alcohol and DUID drug clients and is considered to be among the best defense attorneys for this category in the Downey and Norwalk area. With vast experience and resources in the area of Drunk Driving defense, Miguel Duarte and his team of talented Attorneys at Law represent each client with attention and respect.

Clients appreciate the supportive legal representation they receive from our dedicated staff and team of attorneys at the Miguel Duarte Law Group.  Our lawyers are well-equipped to handle charges related to alcohol and drug usage and various other criminal charges. Please call us to inquire about how we can best serve you.

Criminal Attorney Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Miguel Duarte, our criminal defense attorneys offer solutions and a plan to expand your options while protecting you from punishment and consequences for your career, your education or your family. – Miguel Duarte

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Criminal defense attorney Miguel Duarte is a former prosecutor who combines trial skills, negotiation skills and familiarity with the Los Angeles County criminal justice system to develop an effective defense strategy.

Contact us online or call our Los Angeles law firm today at (562) 869-5300 to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We offer free initial consultations and will usually quote a flat fee that will cover all the services necessary for your case, including trial.

Criminal Attorney Downey, Norwalk, Lakewood, Cerritos, Los Angeles

We defend adults, juveniles, professionals, college students, military personnel, public employees, and anyone else who faces serious charges in state or federal court. Some of the charges we handle include:

  • Violent crimes from simple assault or weapons offenses to gang crimes, armed robbery, kidnapping or homicide
  • Sex offenses such as sexual assault, statutory rape or online solicitation of a minor
  • DUI, including implied consent, underage drunk driving violations, DUI and felony DUI
  • Drug crimes, including drug investigation, drug possession, distribution, cultivation, manufacturing and trafficking
  • Domestic violence, including spousal abuse or elder abuse
  • Juvenile defense, including misdemeanor property crimes, high school or college student crimes and serious felonies
  • Serious traffic violations such as reckless driving or driving without a license
  • Probation or parole problems, involving new charges or technical violations
  • Theft offenses, including felony or misdemeanor charges of larceny, robbery, grand theft, shoplifting, grand theft auto or burglary
  • Credit card fraud, including bank fraud, forgery or identity theft
  • White collar crimes, including money laundering, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud embezzlement and Internet crimes
  • Federal crimes, including federal drug charges and federal fraud and white collar crimes charges

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