Miguel Duarte 

I have years of experience as a defense attorney and have handled a wide variety of cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors to complicated felonies. My goal is always to get cases dismissed or obtain reduced sentences. After receiving my law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, I worked in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor and at various Legal Aid organizations as an Attorney dedicated to representing the public good. I have an Avvo “Excellent” rating as an Attorney in good standing.

DUI and criminal defense is my specialty and when push comes to shove you want an attorney as aggressive and knowledgeable as me on your side. I have worked on both sides prosecuting and defending various clients and cases.

As a former Pro Bono Deputy District Attorney prosecuting defendants, I know exactly what happens if you don’t have a good attorney. Once you are arrested a series of events can occur and will determine the course of your case. 

Norwalk, Downey and Los Angeles Top Defense Lawyer 



Often when people don’t understand or know their rights various bad things can happen, the list is long and you need someone like me who will defend you vigorously and will be there no matter the circumstance.  

My experience includes but is not limited to, domestic violence, sexual battery, drug cases, gun cases and of course DUI. Some of the advice I give may involve making better life choices so you don’t end up in the same situation twice, this serves to mitigate a sentence, lesson the charges and puts you on a path that the courts approve of.  I have represented hundreds of Californians accused of violating their probation or parole and have argued and practiced before numerous courts in the Southern California region to obtain lighter sentences. Many of my clients have received not guilty verdicts, reduced sentences or no sentence at all.  

  • Member of California Bar Association Lic#23615
  • Member of Southeast Lawyers Bar Association
  • Member of California DUI Lawyers Association.  

Call me now at (562) 869-5300 for a free case evaluation. 

  • Super Lawyer's Rising Star List 2016 & 2017 
  • One of a few attorney's who has taken cases to trial for prosecution and defense. 
  • Has secured trial victories in DUI, Domestic Violence, Battery, Indecent Exposure and Criminal Threats cases. 
  • Has successfully handled serious felony cases such as Vehicle Manslaughter, Felony DUI, DUI causing great bodily injury, Residential Burglary, Felony Hit and Run, Drug Sales. 
  • NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (NHTSA) certified in standardized field sobriety tests in the student course in 2011. 

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